Sister Hell – Flooding Ver

I first saw the limited edition of this figure, but didn’t go for it. Then I came across this one for sale from someone I’ve traded with before on MFC, and decided to buy:

This is the figure with her ‘censors’ on, and her habit. Not sure that the ‘censoring’ clothing does much to hide anything though… She also comes with a stand, which will be shown later in this review. For the next few pictures, I’ll show her without her habit, so you can see the figure fully. 

Here’s the same angle, without the habit:

Without the habit, her hair looks strange, as it’s shaped to hold it on her head. The rest of her body looks nice though, with the straps adding much-needed detail. 


Her face is really hidden. Not too much of a fan of this design decision. We can also see where the hair wasn’t detailed, as when assembled it is hidden by the habit. I think it would’ve been nice if they did more with her hair so she could be displayed with or without the habit and still look good.


Here we can see she is posed quite well. I like the fact she balances well, even without the stand. I like the way she is twisting her body.

One seam is visible where her neck joins to her head, but the others can be hidden with the straps she is wearing. Here we can see the join on her left ankle, but move the strap slightly up and this would be concealed.


Not too much different to see on this side. Apart from the bra doesn’t do much to hide her nipples. Erm. I do love the straps that go around her body, and the gold clasps that compliment them.


And the reason for taking these pictures without her habit. When it is on, you can’t see her back, however the back is finished nicely, with the clasps on her bands. Her hair looks less derpy like this too.

Back with the habit:

Here we can see what it covers. This piece is somewhat disappointing as it feels cheaper than the rest of the figure but it is pretty much a required part.

Let’s have a quick look at the stand before we assembled her and take off her censoring clothing:

Ended up with a bit too much shine on the plaque there. That’s what I get for not having a proper setup 😄. The plaque is nice though. She has two pegs to solidly hold her on the base, and a large cross to hold. Her hand does go over the red handle part, but doesn’t clip on tightly, which probably does help with assembly. All in all, a very nice base. The cross-sword is painted well, with a good amount of shading.

Stand back:

Looks good from this angle too.

Base of the base:

Not too much to see here. Just thr fact it was made in China and where the cross attaches into the base. I like the fact that there is goodly amount of corner here, as it means the cross on the stand is sturdily attached.

Now for Sister Hell, fully assembled:

She’s a very striking figure imo. As these pictures were done on a different day, we can also see the plaque better here 😀. I feel her chest does defy gravity a bit, but not to the point it is bothersome. We can also see how she loosely holds the cross.

Casting her off is awkward – over time the plasticiser has come out of the transparent parts, so be prepared for that if you get this figure. The bra you may need a tool to poke out the ‘peg’ due to this. The knickers will need a good amount of heating so they can flex enough to come down over her legs. The bands around her waist have pegs, so can be taken off easily, to allow her knickers to slide off.

Once cast off, you will likely need to wash off the plasticiser – water may be sufficient, if not a bit of washing-up liquid should do the trick.

I don’t think she is designed to be reversibly cast-off, but it can be done, if you take the parts off carefully.


Here we get a better look at the front of the habit – sadly the white area is rather blobby, and doesn’t look cut well. Hair seems to suffer a little of this too. The habit is probably the most disappointing thing about this figure. If a bit of time and effort was put into the habit, I think it’d be a noticeable improvement.


Her habit covers her up from this angle, so not much to see.


Here we can see her chest and stomach quite well. I like the way her nipples have been done – they stand out but aren’t over the top, as with a fair number of figures. They’re a pretty perky pair though. I like the way they have a ‘crease’ above her stomach, to give her body some definition. 


Does what it needs to do – the cross stops the figure from being totally plain at the back. 

Overall, I really like this figure and glad I got it. However, the habit quality is an annoyance for me – wish she looked OK without it, or a bit more time and effort was put into making it look as nice as the rest of the figure. If you want to, you can leave the lower bands off of her body, but to me, she looks better aesthetically with them on. She does have sculpted genitals, which you can see if you look closely at the front shot with her cast off. Personally, I like what the bands add to her, so I’m unlikely to cast her off that far. 

It’s hard to recommend this figure for a premium price, but if you can pick it up cheap, I think it’s a solid figure. Kinda wish she was easier to cast off, and more scope for putting her clothes back on, should one wish to.