Sister Hell – Sister Tilette ver

So that limited edition I mentioned… it was still for sale at the retailer I found it at. So I decided to get that one too:

The translucent clothing on this one does more to hide her intimate areas. But still, doesn’t leave much to the imagination… The hair on this one also has the weird shape to hold the habit.


Again, her face is largely obscured by hair and her arm. However, she’s also got some blush on her cheek, which is a nice touch. The hair paint seems a little less messy on this one too. 


Yep, looks nice like the other one. Might not be too many words on this blog, as this one is a clone of the other. Her censoring clothing doesn’t match as well to her straps as the other one. 



I think the gold and red works as well as the gold and black. I did wonder if it’d feel like it blended in too much or wouldn’t quite match, but I don’t feel that looking at the figure. 


Here’s her base, which differs in the plaque saying “Theresa Tilette” and being red. 

The other angles of the base are pretty much the same:

Now for Tilette fully assembled:

Looking impressive as the other one. The habit has the same flaws as the other one, and is identical. This one has more colour contrast, with having a red “outfit” rather than black. 


Mmm, bad habit…


Yep, still rockin’ that nice body. Hand didn’t naturally go on quite as well as the other one, but isn’t really visible from the front. Could use some heat to move it, if I felt it needed moving. 


Again, same as the other one, but with more red.

Overall, I like the two colour schemes equally. I have these two on either end of a shelf, and I think they look really good like that. This one will likely be a lot hard to get hold of, as she was a limited edition, limited to 300 pieces. So it was a bit random finding this one at a random UK retailer.