Rock God – Guitar Hero

Found this fellah in a charity shop, still sealed. So ofc I had to do my bit for charity and buy him:


Here he is, showing the world how to rock! He was a bit hard to assemble, as the peg on the base wouldn’t fully go into his speaker. A poke with a sharp object to make the hole deeper, and bam! In fits the peg :D. Once assembled, he does stand up OK, but if he’s slightly off, he’ll just rock over onto his butt ><. 

His colouring is very nice though – not particularly complicated shading job, but the colours work. The beard probably has the most amount of shading in this figure.

Close-up of the base:

I like the fact they’ve used the logo for the stand, but it would’ve been nicer if the stand was larger or heavier, so that the figure was less prone to rolling over. The pegs are solid though, and has withstood the rolling over this figure has done. 


There are some paint transfers, seemingly from his skirt. Or is it a kilt? I do like the belt and the massive metal chain. 


The buckles on the shoes and wrist straps are nice. He does articulate a bit, but not very usefully. You can’t get many poses out of him. 


I like the fact the speaker has some detail on the back. His hair has a nice amount of shading in it. 


His face looks really good, and his mouth as depth to it. His eyes look a bit odd, as they are plain blue, but it is a pretty shade of blue. 

Overall, I like this figure, It’s an OK figure, but not overly fancy. I got him pretty cheap though. And he goes well with his golden counterpart I already had :).