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Poison Ivy – Ame-Comi – DC

This was one of the Ame-Comi figures I was after, and it eventually turned up on eBay. 



I love the pose of this figure and the colour scheme. To me, she looks more like a relative of Poison Ivy, than Poison Ivy herself, but I like her in her own right. 

I like the amount of detailing that has gone into her vines and leafy clothing. 

Vine hands:

The texture work is nice here, and I love the grasping vine hands


The leaves are well-sculpted here, and the shading in the paint adds a lot ot the leaves. She’s also got her toenails painted neatly.


Ignoring the marks, the base logo is nicely placed, so she isn’t covering it in any significant way. Does take up a lot of room though. 


The vines curl around her hair, which I think is a nice touch. The figure has a nice amount of depth to her. 

Vine close-up:

The detailing is really nice on these, and there aren’t too many joins. Here we can see one, to the left of the photo. 


Some thicker vines on this side, and some transitioning of the leaves on her legs. 

Arm vine:

Nice blend of colours on the vine itself, and I don’t think I want to get in its way. 


Here we can see how the vines like to play with her hair,. We’ve also got plenty of leaf detail back here, so the back isn’t plain. The hair is sculpted nicely, and has a good amount of detail throughout. 

Glad I was able to get this figure, and am happy with it. Maybe at some point I’ll try to get the mark off her base. 


When this figure originally came out, I ended up passing on it. But then I recently had the opportunity to buy it at a store, so I decided to go for it:


I love Starfire’s hair and purple outfit. With the colour and the shapes, it’s an eye-catching ensemble that compliments her fiery hair. She has a well-sculpted face, though I think the eye shadow is a bit dark. 


I like the way her hair blends from opaque to transparent. I think they nailed this effect for an action figure. Here you can see she has the typical joints for an action figure, though she doesn’t have ankle-rocking ability. With her shoulder pads being high up, these don’t restrict arm movement. 


Here we can see where mine is sun damaged…. If you look at her thigh, you will see where it transitions from light to dark… but personally I prefer the lighter colour! She is supposed to be on the orangey side, but personally I’m not a fan of that – it can feel rather overdone to me. If you look closely in the front shot at the top of this blog, you will see where the twisty tie went across her stomach. Hair transition looks smooth on this side. One thing that irks me slightly is her hand positions – she’s not a character that holds any weapons/items, but her right hand is posed almost like she should be holding something. Not quite sure what pose they were planning for you to put her in, but I think a more neutral hand position would make more sense. 


Here we can see her hair and original skin colour. He hair somewhat limits head poseability. Also she’s not the easiest to get balanced, which isn’t much of a surprise. These days they’d likely give her some ankle-rocking action to make her easier to pose, but she’ll always be back-heavy, thanks to her hair. 

Overall, I think this is a reasonable figure. It’s nothing special, but I feel it has been competently produced. Though… probably best not buying her from a comic shop that likely had her on display for years like I did, lol. However, she seems to be rather hard to get hold of, unless you really want to pay far over the odds for her. 

Harley Quinn – Arkham Knight – DC Collectables

Bought this from Hawkin’s Bazaar, of all places. They were doing a sale, and she was a good price, so I picked her up:

As far as Harleys go, this figure isn’t super-special, but is decent-enough looking for the tenner I paid. I like the creases in her clothing, and she’s got some blush on her face, making it stand out more. She is a mild pain to pose though – hard to get her to hold the bat like I want her to. The paint is largely crisp and clean, but paint jobs do vary between figures, so I picked from the best I was looking at. Some of them the white overpaint wasn’t quite thick enough to hide her uniform underneath. 

Face close-up:

I do rather like the face on this figure. The flashing on the hat does make it look a bit like a blow-up hat, lol. Maybe it is? The furry balls on her hat and chest are meh, but they are on most figures, and these seem decent enough. 

Close-up of the bat:

Yep, looks like the quintessential Harley bat. Ruffs have a bit of stray paint on her wrists, but are well-sculpted. 


Looks OK from this angle. 


Some creasing at her middle and on her arm. Not sure they fully committed to the outfit wrinkles from this side. Note she has none on her legs. 


Here they seem to be a little undecided if they were committing to put wrinkles in her outfit or not, too. She does have a butt though… Her neck looks odd from this angle too. The paint is good on her outfit though.

And one of the major annoyances with this figure:

No. Stand. Holes. And she’s not easy to stand up on her own – she’s pretty finnicky, so can suddenly go SPLAT. Why DC Collectables, do you have to do this? Why no peg holes…? 

I think this might be quite a divisive figure – the shininess is going to appeal to some, but not so much to others. Not surprised this one has binned, but I think it’s a fairly solid figure for half the RRP. Though you may want to consider including a claw stand into your purchase so she doesn’t fall over. Currently I have her propped up against an acrylic stair stand, so she doesn’t fall over.