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Izuruha – Ru/Li/Lu/Ra

Now for the fourth and final Izuruha:

Clothed, her body shows through the clothes, and gives a good silhouette, without showing anything off. I like the more serious expression on this one, contrasting with the smiling one on the other figure. 


With this figure I had to heat up the legs on the stand – when I first tried to assemble it, the back leg was very far off from the back stand – hence why I’m fairly sure the arm has drooped some on yesterday’s figure. 


Here you get to see a lot of her body. Sneaky side view :).


The creases are well done in the clothing, and there is a hood evident too. Hair is also nicely sculpted. Overall, I think she looks good clothed, if this is your preferred option. 

Now to cast her off:

She does look somewhat younger than the other version, so I can imagine this not appealing to some people. Again, the body is well-sculpted and painted giving it a lifelike feel. 


Again, the pose is fairly dynamic, giving a unique look to these figures. And look ma, no seams!


A bit of an interesting line from he leg to her stomach. Not quite sure that’s right, but it doesn’t look bad to me. 


Again, hair is well-sculpted and shaded. She has a more slender frame on this figure, and the backside to match. I like the fact you can see her shoulderblades. 

Overall, I like this figure as much as the other ones. I’d recommend them, if they’re your kind of figure, and they shouldn’t be too expensive to buy, if you find them for sale. 

Izuruha – Golden Diva ver – Ru/Li/Lu/Ra

After getting the blue/grey pair, I decided to eventually pick up the golden pair. 

This blog will be about the Golden Diva version:

I didn’t quite get her robe back on quite right when taking these pics… The blonde/gold versions are certainly more colourful. The outfit is pretty, and her hair flows well. 


I like the pose of this figure, which is why I ended up getting a second one of her XD. 


The robe does a good job of covering up the parts you may not want to see, if you prefer clothed figures, but leaves it so you can see her back, which has been sculpted well.

Now for the NSFW pictures.


The painting on her body is really good and looks natural. The other nice thing about these figures is the bodies are one piece of PVC, so there are no seams. The head is a separate part, so there is a connection there, but not visible normally, with it being under her chin/hair. 

Face/chest close-up:

Her face has been painted well, but her nose is a bit pointy. Her chest is painted well, and looks realistic. I like the fact her chest isn’t comical sized. 


Her body is sculpted well, and the curves look good. The hair also has some nice highlights to it. 


Her chest is probably most visible from this angle. I like the way the light works on this figure. I’m thinking her outstretched arm may have sagged a bit over time, and I may fix this at some point. I know from the next Izuruha figure I’ll be blogging about that these figures do bend a bit over time. 


The hair looks nice from the back, and so does her backside. We can see that her ankles have been sculpted well too. 

Overall, I really like these Izuruha figures, and this one isn’t an exception. If you like the figure (and not too bothered about source material – doesn’t seem like it’s something that’s particularly accessible outside of Japanese language things),I would recommend it. 

Luna Luna – Queen’s Blade Rebellion

This was one figure I was planning to pick up prior to visiting Japan, after seeing it on the Mandarake website. 

Here’s her upper half, in her clothed form:

Even clothed, she’s not really that SFW, but we’ll get onto that in a minute. Her top sits nicely, and definitely looks like part of the figure when she’s wearing it, so her clothed option is definitely viable if you’re not so fond of having boobs hangin’ out. I love her four tentacles posed around her head, and her hands posed in a very dancer-ish way. I love the small details here – her rings and nail polish are both well done. 

So let’s have a look at the rest of her:

Yep. Nothin’ hanging out here at all. All good. Perfectly fine for the in-laws. Her body is well-sculpted and she has a range of details – from her shoes, to the bells on her thighs, and the gold beading encircling her lower body. Her hair also has a wonderful gradient in it, and the blending looks good. 


Here we can see where her headpiece reaches around the back of her head and also has a nice range of colour. Her hair gradient feels both subtle and vibrant. With her clothing, it dangles down and hides her bum from view. The clothing has a nice sheen to it, and I like the fact it is translucent. From this side, we can see her tentacles also have metal rings on them, which are nicely sculpted and painted. 

Now for some disassembly:

There’s a fair amount to disassemble here – both her arms, and the two tentacles that aren’t wrapper around her arms, plus her head. 

After that, we can take her top off and begin reassembling her:

Aww, still looking a bit sad here.


And this feels the way the figure has been designed to be displayed. Her pose somehow feels better like this to me. And the clear base definitely doesn’t do anything to distract the eye. 


I like the way her nipples don’t have the severe shading a lot of other figures seem to have. This feels much more natural. Here we can also admire the fastener for the beads around her midriff, if you’re not too distracted by boobs. 

Photo of her a bit less close:

Here we can see how two of the tentacles jut out from her arms, and are nicely curled around them. And her purple protrusion, that also acts as a clip for her body jewellery. Is it a penis? Is it not? Sources say no, but that doesn’t say it isn’t hangin’ out there like one. Nope, totally wasn’t this feature that attracted me to this figure. Not at all. Nope. 


I love the amount of detail put into her shoe – from the vibrant, well-painted colours to the creasing down by the sole. The leg behind her fishnets feels a bit flat though, and some of her skin could do with a bit more shading imo. 

Other leg:

I like these small bells dangling down, and their flowery appearance. The top of her fishnets also is nicely coloured and designed. Some of the green paint didn’t quite reach the edges, but I feel this is a minor gripe. 


Clearly not a real one, but it definitely seems to be doing its job. The translucent plastic is nicely coloured. 


Her pose feels very dynamic from this angle, and she is quite a lithe body type. 

Upper half:

I like her neckpiece from this angle. and her hair’s pretty. The seamlines feel nicely hidden in her hair. 


Maybe her leg is bulging a little bit too much here? The bell/flower on her leg dangles well, and feels correct for the pose. 

Closeup on the hairpiece:

It’s not terribly easy to photo, but I love the greenish colours, and the metallic finish. She’s also got some moon earrings on, one of which can be see at this angle. 


And here we can see her shapely backside. I love the way the jewellery has been don on her back, and finished the model nicely. Her hair is probably the most vibrant from this angle.

Overall, I’m really happy with this figure and glad I got her. She’s a nice piece of (tentacly) colour, in an interesting and dynamic pose. I love the darker skin tone, and the amount of smaller details that went into this figure. If you like this kind of figure, I’d recommend her.