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Sonia Blanche – Shining Beach Heroines – FREEing S-Style

Lastly, we have Sonia Blanche:

Originally I didn’t order this one, as I wasn’t aiming to collect the set. Then I decided I wanted all the S-Style figures, so I waited until she was near release for pre-orders to re-open. She came up on Nippon Yasan, pay immediately. So I did. Then a few days later she got delayed a month. D’oh. Out of the three, I think this one is the least visually interesting. She does seem very happy to see the beach though! I think she has a nice bikini top, and the bows on her shoes are very nice. 

Left side:

Plenty of side-boob going on there. And she has some nicely sculpted bows on the side of her bikini bottoms. Her hairs have strands to them, making it a lot less plain than just one moulded section. The ponytail towards the front of her hair is a nice touch. 

Right side:

She isn’t hiding too much ;). Her hair looks good from this angle imo. 


I think the hair works well on this figure. The back of this figure is sculpted well, and painted well. Not too much to say really!

Overall, I’ve warmed up to this figure since owning her, but I still think she’s the visually least interesting of the three, so I’d only recommend her to anyone who wants a Sonia Blanche figure, or people who are nutters like me who are collecting the set. She’s definitely not the worst of the set – there isn’t anything wrong with her imo, unlike some of the others, she’s just a happy beach figure. 

Rinna Mayfield – Shining Beach Heroines – FREEing S-Style

Next up, Rinna Mayfield:


Uh, wait, something seems to be wrong with this… Hair is not supposed to defy gravity… 


Ah, that’s better! That looks like the prototype shots! I totally didn’t have to redo these shots at a later date, owing to not noticing her head was on backwards… Nope. Nosiree. What attracted me to this one was her interesting pose and nice combination of colours. In the promo shots the swimsuit looked blue, but I think this more turquoise colour works better. I like the way her hair hangs – with one ponytail flicking upwards, and one dangling down. 

Other side:


Bit of a gap where her leg connects to her body. I love the hairbands – they look like flowers to me, and here is a close-up of them:


The hair is also nice – enough detail to make it look like hair to me, and the shading is nicely done. 

Front of her body:


Ended up focusing on her hair braid, but that’s probably the most exciting part of this angle. Little bit of globby paint visible, but not noticeable unless you’re looking for it. Here you can see where she’s scratching her ear/head. 



Her backside looks good, not much to report on this angle. She does look to lean a bit with her legs though.She doesn’t seem to be standing in the stablest of angles, with her toes pointed inwards, but she is in a turning position. 


Here you can see the way her hair flows over hr back – I like the way they did this. The top of her hair seam isn’t the best though. It’s sort of hidden near her ear, but less so on the very top of her head. There aren’t any seam issues on her back. 

Close-up of her bikini:

Love the bow dangling down from it, and there’s some wrinkle lines. It also sits on her, instead of being a part of her, which is nice. 

Overall, I really like this figure now that I’ve figured her head was on backwards.The paintwork is really nice, with a good choice of colours, and her pose is dynamic and interesting. 

Excela Noa Aura – Shining Beach Heroines – FREEing S-Style

Finally the Shining Resonance S-Style figures were released, after a month’s delay. 

First up, we have Excela Noa Aura:

The thing that attracted to me was her colour scheme – love the black-purple-pink, with her grey hair complementing them. Her pose isn’t overly exciting, but it does convey personality. She has an anklet, which is a nice added detail, and I love the bow on her swimsuit top. 


Not too much to see here, but a good body shape. I love the ruffled skirt. 


Not sure how well these high-heels will work on the beach… The bows in her hair are nice though, and match the bands around her arms. She also has a small black bow on her skirt. 


Some concession to sculpting in her hair, but it has emphasised a mould line, sadly. Her back is nice though – I think the join lines are nicely concealed, and the shading is good. Her hair strands flow nicely around her, as if she’s just turned her head. 

I love this figure, mostly for the colours. Would’ve been nice if her hair bows were more visible from the front – in her promo pics I did wonder what kind of hair accessory they were, as they looked flatter/straighter. Now I have her, they’re clearly bows on her hair ties. She seems quite a reserved character, so I see her as being on the edge of the beach.