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Mio Honda – Idolm@aster – Gasha Portraits

This was the most expensive gachapon figure I got from a gachapon machine whilst I was in Japan:

And personally, I think she was worth it. The sculpting is really good for a trading figure, and the paintwork has a fair amount of details. 

I love her happy expression and pose, and the shading in her hair. The jewellery is nicely painted, which is especially good on a small figure. I love the bright colours they’ve used on her bikini, and the colours are blended well. The only real issue I have with the front of this figure is the join above her bikini bottoms – it doesn’t quite go together, and leaves a little gap. 


Here we can see the small details on her face – where she’s blushing. The painting is mostly really neat, with only some small bits outside of the lines. Her bust has been well-sculpted, and look like boobs instead of balloons. 


Here you can see the gap at the front a bit better. The lettering on her bikini top is crisp and clear. Her hair seam is quite nicely hidden. 


The hair seam is more obvious on this side, but still reasonable. The hair shading is a bit off – the back is shaded quite differently from the front. Her pose looks good and is quite dynamic.


Her hair looks good from the back, and the bow on her top is sculpted well. The stripes on her bottoms look good, and follow the contours on her backside. I also like the details on the top of her bracelet, which you can see from this angle. 

Hey, look at this!

… from this angle she ain’t just pointing at herself…

Overall, I’m really happy with this figure. I might not be into Idolm@aster, but this is a nice figure in its own right. Glad I got this gachapon. 

Shimamura Uzuki – FREEing S-Style

This is the last of the three Idolm@aster figures that were released together in the S-Style series. I planned to get this one anyway, as her pose was rather different from the rest of the S-Style figures.

So here she is:

I love her smiling face, and the blue of her swimsuit is a very nice colour. Kinda wish the base matched her swimsuit more, or they matched the stands for the Idom@ster figures. Due to her pose, she’s very tiny though. 

Left side:

Her hair is nice and detailed, but evidence of seams, which is a bit of a shame. 

Right side:

This side looks much nicer, and showcases her hair better. Some nice shading on the swimsuit, plus some wrinkle lines on the suit. 


Her hair in detail! Probably a little on the shiny side, but her backside has been sculpted well. 


This shows the main issue of the hair: the sudden change between the hair on the top of her head, to the hair lower down. Her back looks nice though.

Underneath shot:

She doesn’t have any pegs to hold her to the base, so you can sit her wherever :). 

Chest writing:

The writing on her to translates to Uzuki (her name). 

Overall, I like this figure, though she does feel very small, due to her pose. She’s painted nicely, but imo, it would’ve been nicer if they made her slightly bigger, though she is a scale. 

Nitta Minami – FREEing S-Style

After getting Anastasia, I decided to get the rest of the “set”. This one was the one I was most on the fence about, but she was the cheapest of the bunch. So let’s see what we got:

She looks cute, I love the swimsuit, but she looks a little “flat faced”. Imo, she looks better than the promo shots, though.

Left side:

Even with a “simple” pose, they’ve managed to add some dynamicness to it. The fold in her hair is a nice touch. The hair is more shaded than the promo shots, which helps with her overall look. 

Right side:

Not too much different than the left, though her hair appears to sit more naturally this side.


Some nice shading work on this side, with her hands clasped behind. 

She is probably one of the plainer S-Style figures, but imo she matches up to the quality of the others.