Month: October 2017

Oni-Musume IV

Came across one of these in an action figure shop… but found an auction on eBay that didn’t have too long to run, so decided to risk it and bid on the auction.

A day or two later, I was the winner with the maiden bid :D. 


Love the bright and striking colours of this figure, and the interesting pose. Kind of a shame you can’t see her weapon from the front though. 

And here she is from the back:


If I had a figure turntable, she’d be a candidate for it. As it atm, she’s in one of my Gnedby units. 

I also ordered an Oni-Musume III from a seller from Amazon at the same time, but sadly this happened:


I have returned the second one, and have been refunded for it. Ah well. 

Now I have a Oni Musume III on order from the US, in the blue colour scheme. This one is actually being dispatched from an Amazon US warehouse, so it should be the right one this time! 

Box o’ Random Part 6

And now for the dregs! There was bound to be some broken/incomplete stuff, and here it is. 

First up, not broken, but kinda cheapy – some Japanese warrior figures.


They’re not terrible, but they’re more kid’s toys than something to really display imo. They’ve been sent to the Drawer of Purgatory. Feel kinda sorry for the dude in the middle with his wilting sword. 

The next item I initially thought was a decent item, but on closer inspection… not so much. 

Here is Neptune from One Piece:


Unfortunately, on closer inspection, the pain on his large mane of hair is badly chipped:


Was considering listing this on eBay, but don’t really want to with the condition it is in. 

Now for half-a-Akagi from Kan Colle:


No head in the box, so this is a bit pointless. I’ll keep the bits, just in case I can combo it with something at a later date. 

Lastly, the body of Hiiragi Tsukasa from Lucky Star and a

Sound Capsule Gaia Memory of Ryuki. Nope, Hiiragi’s head doesn’t fit on Akagi’s body. I tried 😛


The sound box is made to look like a USB drive, but it very much isn’t. You can press the button at the bottom (raised bit near the “plug” end), and it will cycle through a bunch of sounds. Doing some research, this set came with some kind of candies/sweets, and there were others done as blind boxes. 

Has annoy-o-tron potential, so it’ll get lost in a drawer somewhere. Or thrown at someone who professes a love for Kamen Rider. 

And that concludes the Box o’ Random! There are a couple of items I haven’t covered, as I’ve listed them on eBay. The items are a couple of pin badges and a phone strap, from series I’ve not heard of. 

Box o’ Random Part 5

And here we have the things I like, but have no idea what they are! Tried asking on MFC and Reddit, but no-one, as of writing, have identified what they are

First up, a pile of cute:

Copyright on this figure is listed as “GOE”. 

Nex is a fox-inna-bowl, with some food on his head:

No copyright or anything on this one, so I assume it’s a random mass-produced item. He’s now dangling off one of my keyring & charm bars. 

A badge of a girl:

No copyright on this one either, but being a pin-badge, it could quite well be something fan-made. Not sure I can go wearing this one in public though… 

Box o’ Random Part 4

First up, two trading figures, of the same character – Meyrin Hawke from Gundam SEED Destiny:


Nothing much to write home about… second one looks like it has had its feet glued or re-glued to the base. Cleaned up some of the mess, but some residue remains. The hole is supposed to have a pole to stop her from leaning. She has leaned a bit, more than likely because the pole isn’t there. Mediocre painting job on the pair, so they’re just sat in random places. 

Next three figures are from One Piece, which is a series I know of, but haven’t watched/read.

These guys are called Aokiji and Akainu:


These guys are still a little bit dirty, even after being cleaned. The dirt was really rather stubborn on these dudes. Really doesn’t help with their capes being white! Also Aokiji’s right arm has a habit of falling out, but I think I’ve got it to stay now. 

Third dude is called Kame and is a… turtle? 


This dude is nicely-made, and even has pegs on the stand to keep him upright. He’s been recently made (2016), and I think it shows in the quality of the figure. He is a prize figure, so the paint job isn’t 100%, but certainly good given that condition. 

Box o’ Random Part 3

aHere’s more of the small items from the Mandarake box o’ random. First up, a couple of items from Kamen Rider. The first is a bottle cap & stamp figure, that was included in its box, and the second is Kamen Rider v3, who came with… ¾ of his box… 


The rubber part on the bottom has a pattern you could potentially use for stamping on things, but I don’t think I’ll bother :P. 


This little dude, the cardboard bits came as part of a TCG-type card, and you can pop them out and combine them in a couple of different ways. You can either use the to decorate the figure like this, or make a cardboard dragonfly. I was originally going to throw the box out, as there’s two round-ish holes ripped into it (… mouse ate it?) but it has the instructions on (fortunately the holes weren’t in any necessary instructions), so it’ll get filed away. 

Next up, a Banpresto random-box figures of various maids. This one is a eCafe maid:


When I first got her out of the box, she was leaning at like a 60 degree angle… had to warm her legs up and straighten her. Also I damaged the sticker on the base, as it went in the sink with the rest of the stuff, as I didn’t realise it was a sticker. Kinda tempted to scrub the sticker off, as I think it makes the base look ugly though. 

This next dude is apparently called Moguro Fukuzou. Apparently he’s a salesman from a manga, where he “helps” people with their desires, but instead ruins their lives. Apparently he’s well-known enough, he has his own TV Tropes page:


Sadly the sucker he comes with doesn’t work very well. I may just take it off, and have him just pointing, with his comically oversized finger. 

And one last thing with a sucker:


A cat. Not much to say about this one. Has a couple of marks, probably because it really easily falls off stuff. Well-detailed and painted though, more so than thee things usually are. Bit of a pain to get stuck on anything, but it will do, with some perseverance. 

Box o’ Random Part 2

So let’s start with the stuff from series I’ve watched/know about.

First up is a Sheryl Nome gacha figure (she’s from Macross):


I was considering buying this gacha figure on eBay at one point, think i was looking at an auction for this and some other Macross figures. She isn’t in pristine figure, but I don’t think the marks show up quite as clearly irl. Was a mild pain to put together with no instructions, but worth it :). 

Next, a Nanoha Nendoroid Petit:


This one even came with the instructions! No box though. Her arms are a bit odd, and she doesn’t hold the weapon terribly well, so I can see why someone would want to trade this one in… but she’s still cute and lookin’ awesome, so decided to have her balance her weapon on her arm, instead of hold it 2-handed. 

Alicia Testarossa, also from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha:


Never watched the series, but I do like the character designs. Have a feeling I wouldn’t be a fan of the show, but I’ll probably watch some of it at some point, as it seems pretty prevalent in the anime community. 

Tiiiny little Vocaloid figure of Kagamine Len:


This teensy dude is about 3cm tall, and is sat on top of one of my monitors. Looks far nicer than the Poundland fodder he replaced (a Predasaur). 

Shana from Shakugan no Shana:


Keep running into stuff from this series, but never consumed any of the media from it. Maybe I should put the anime on my to-watch list, lol. 

And now a character from Bakemonogatari, another series I keep running into merch for, but haven’t researched/watched:


Love this little figure, nice and brightly coloured, with the autumnal theme. Her name is Sengoku Nadeko. Nearly thought she was just a “box remnant”, what with having no feet, until I found the base. 

And here’s two things from an anime I’ve never heard of, that’s called “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute”.

This is a character called Gokou Ruri, sat on a character called Comet-Kun:


… probably should have dusted it a bit before taking that pic.

And this is a character called Makishima Saori:


The first one I like, the second one is… OK. And that concludes this part of the box o’ random. Some nice selections of smaller stuff here, enough to be deffo not disappointed by this box. 

Bag o’ Random Part 1

This post will cover the expected bits, plus an unexpected item, which pretty much made the box worth it on its own.

So what is this unexpected mystery item? A stand!


These Play Arts Kai stands can be quite useful, and tend to be pretty expensive to get a hold of on their own, so this one was a welcome addition, It also came with a few different sized “arms”, one of which I’ve used so I can set a figure further back on the shelf it is sat on. I don’t currently have any large figures in need of it, but I won’t be surprised if I eventually use it. It did come with one claw with the screws in, but I suspect it originally would have come with more screws & nuts. Not an issue for me, as I have a ton already, lol. 

Next up, the Rei I saw in the packet… plus the Asuka that goes with her!


The Rei especially needed a good scrub. Looking closely at the Mandarake pic of the package, you can actually see Asuka’s feet sticking up. Super-happy this pair was in here, as they’re designed to go together and it’s Evangelion. 

Photo showing Asuka more clearly:


Next up, the EVA-01 that I saw sticking out:


He’s got a bit of an interesting smooth and almost-soft plasticy texture to him. He has a limited amount of articulation, but is decently sculpted and painted. He seems to be too nice to be a bootleg (even the bottoms of his soles have been detailed and painted!), but no idea what he is, and couldn’t find him on MFC. On his leg he has the following: “© k.G”, and underneath that “B China 19131″. 

And finally… what did that beach base belong to?


C.C. from Code Geass! She sells for around the same price as I bought the box for, so yeah, was worth it :). Though I did have to give her a good ol’ scrub down first, and there are some minor marks. With the ball, I have it white-tacked to her hand – I thought you were supposed to be able to wedge it in her hands, but it was, uh, not playing ball, so I just white-tacked it. After looking up pictures, I found out that there’s a stand for the beach ball, and it was actually included in the box. Not sure I’m going to bother with it though, as it looks a little naff. 

Figure from another angle:


So that concludes the larger items in the box. Tomorrow, some of the smaller items in the box. 

Urban Mine Bag o’ Random

Was browsing the Urban Mine auctions (again!), but only to find there’s less of them and mostly bags o’ stuff. So I combed through all the pics, looking for ones that were potentially worth the postage price. 

Finally I settled bidding on this one:

I chose this one due to the EVA-01 arm sticking out and the Rei to the left. There was also the beach stand that could potentially be something exciting… or just a stand. One never knows with these bags of stuff, and there’s no guarantee anything is complete. 

So a couple of weeks later, I got two boxes from Mandarake. A heavy box containing this stuff, and the Metatron figures I posted about yesterday.

Upon opening the bag above, and having a leaf through, the vast majority of the stuff was really dirty, so off to the sink it went:

Not the usual contents of my draining rack! Surprisingly, most stuff cleaned up a lot better than I thought it would. 

Yep, not the usual contents at all:

As there’s quite the pile of stuff, the next few posts will be detailing and showcasing what I got in my bag o’ stuff. 

Double the Metatron

Been considering buying these since getting the other Eikoh prize figures. These ones tend to go for a bit more on most sites, but on Mandarake they’re around the same price as the others. Initially I was considering one of the other… in the end it was both 😛

So, first up, Dark Archangel Metatron:


Top-down-ish view:


Love the colours, and the double-wings looks really good. Assembly was smooth, the wings were clearly keyed (not that it’s hard to work out which went where), the book I had to take a bit of care to ensure I didn’t snap the pole it goes on. 

And now for Archangel Metatron:


This one was a pain in the backside to assemble, with having to balance her on three poles at once. There’s also a paint flaw on top of her lower left wing (not shown in the pics) where there’s a small dot of missing yellow paint. Bit of a shame, but displayed in the right place, it isn’t visible. 

Out of the two, I prefer the Dark version of her, but both are welcome additions to my collection. 


I have bought two new Gnedbys secondhand, and have now filled up my second rail o’ trinkets. 

So here are the Gnedbys at time of posting (I’m sure more stuff will be on them by the time anyone reads this :P).

One in the hall:


One in the spare room (and this has changed just prior to time of writing :P):


And the hanging stuff in the study:


The Harley and Poison Ivy keyrings came from Gloucester Comic Con, and the Hera-Is from Puzzles & Dragons and Irma from Final Fantasy (either side of Ryuk, in the middle) came from a comic book shop in London. The other pieces have either been previously featured in this blog, or obtained before I started doing it. 

Small Miscellany!

Here’s some little bits that I’ve picked up, that probably don’t need a whole blog post of their own. 

First up, two small bits from the Gloucester action figure shop, Mystique and a Lizard dude from Spiderman:


An Illidan figure from Blizzard’s Cute But Deadly range. Sadly didn’t come with the base, but fortunately he stands up on his own (was looking into modify a base for him, but he doesn’t really need it):


Love these little figures, but they were pricey! I’ve now got all the series 2 ones I want. Still may pick up a Kerrigan from series 1 if one comes up cheap enough, but not really mad over owning one (seeing as I don’t play SC). 

And finally, a dog alien from Konami’s Alien series:


And that’s the last one of the Konami figures I wanted! Other ones I’m not so bothered about – mostly the ships, which go for a lot and I care less about them than the xeno ones. If I saw a ship one going cheap, I’d probably pick it up, but I’m not actively searching for them any more. 

And that concludes my little stuff 😀