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Tiger & Lunatic – Tiger & Bunny World Collectable Figures Vol. 3

Today’s two figures will be Tiger in his suit and Lunatic. 

Here we have Wild Tiger:

In this figure we get to see his face and his suit, which is a rarity with his figures. I like the fact he’s wearing his eye mask under the suit… like he needs it. The paint on his is really nice, but a little less neat on the suit, The clear pieces of his suit are nice – on his should, arm and helmet. Though, like the Bunny figure, the tint is too pale on the green parts. 


Not too much to see here. 


Paint is fairly neat, and I think he’s posed well.


His pose also works well from he back. He has a few small details painted too, which makes the figure look good – his boots, bit on his back, and the green parts on the back of his helmet. 

Overall I like this figure – and he’s a welcome addition to my collection for the different pose. 

Now for the villain of the piece, Lunatic:

His head is painted well, and his hand, but the green paint feels rather rushed on his right of his cape. The white lines on his trousers have come out well, though. 


His head is painted well, but again, paint on the cape looks rushed, and there’s a bit of a transfer mark in the middle. Think he needs to give his cape a wash!


Ditto the remarks for his left-hand side.


The green and blue paint seem a fair bit neater back here than the sides, but still has some slop and misses. Black paint didn’t feel like going within the lines on his collar. 

I’m really impressed with his head, and the sculpt overall, but the paint on his cape is rather the letdown. One to display at a distance… which fits Lunatic. But it would’ve been nicer if the painter paid a bit more time to his cape. 

Wild Tiger – Tiger & Bunny

And now for some main character action:

Whilst I don’t usually go for chibis (yet I’m doing a series of blogs featuring them…) I do rather like this one, and well, in Japan they’re cheap, lol. I liked this one for the detail on it, and I like the clear part on his head. He’s been painted well, and he has a decent amount of detail – his eyes have the black inset, the silver parts have been split into separate parts, and he has the clear shoulderpads and the guards on his arms. 


His head does have the wideness of a chibi, but doesn’t feel drastic compared to Fire Emblem. The shapes work well, and the colours feel well-chosen.


Same as the left really. I like the detailing on his legs – he has the silver edging and the green part that goes around his anke. 


He’s sculpted well back here, and you have the details of the back of his helmet, and the shapes in the white portion of the back of his suit. Some small green paint details, which help add accents to the figure.

Overall, I rather like this chibi, and am glad to have bought it. His base is better than Fire Emblem’s as you can see more of the company logo, which is also helped by his wide stance. I’d recommend this chibi, if you want a Tiger chibi. 

Kotetsu T Kaburagi – Bunny Party Edition

So with only one thing in the “box” for Mandarake, I couldn’t simply just order that. So I went for a wander around the Mandarake mail-order site. 

First thing I found was a Tiger figure I simply had to buy:

This is Wild Tiger heading to the surprise party he arranged for Bunny. With his bunny present. We know it’s Wild Tiger, as he’s in his mask. Nope, definitely not Kotetsu. 

Here he is from the site, showing his bunny present:

D’aww, that thing’s so cute. His other side:

His watch and bracelet look nice. Nice detailing on his shoes too. 


Some nice shading going on in his waistcoat, plus the buckle is well-painted. Trousers look a bit overly shiny in this shot. 

Close-up of the base:

Just in case you forget who you’re looking at!

He also comes with an arm which you can swap with his bunny-carrying arm. Not sure why you’d want to use that – half the fun of this figure is the bunny present he comes with! This is a nice, inexpensive figure, which is more interesting than your basic Kotetsu.