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Gekkoukiba no Majo Lilith – Puzzle & Dragons

Along with yesterday’s figure, I bought this small figure of Lilith:

Was surprised by the small details on this figure, and the crown she wears has been nicely done. With the crown, the paint looks neat, and the colours compliment each other. 


The clothes… of what little she has… have been printed well. The small parts on her leg are nice and neat. Love her scythe too – the purple-gold works really well imo. 


On this side, she sports a dark wing. We can also see a cute heart-shaped earring here too. I like the way her hair flows too.


On this side, her hair seam is a bit more obvious, but not too bad. This side she has a red and white wing, which we can just about see from this angle. 

Closer look at the sides of her outfit:

More material here, than the clothes on her body! Nicely painted though, with very minimal painting errors. Has a good amount of detail to it too. 


The strands of her hair are sculpted well, and flow nicely. There isn’t any paint shading on her hair, which is a minor negative, but it still looks nice. 

Overall, I’m pleased with this small figure, and glad to add it to my collection.

Lilith Aensland – Vampire

Just a small figure for today, but a trading figure I was excited to see:

Lilith from Vampire/Darkstalkers. I love the cute look on her face, and the strong, vibrant colours used for this figure. Her hair has come out nicely, along with all her wings. For a small trading figure, it has been painted well, and looks the part.


I like her jaunty pose. The wing paint is mostly where it should be,with only a little bit out of place. The bats on her leggings are nicely defined. Here we can see Lord Raptor’s face – it is nicely detailed, so you can see him well. The tongue is also a separate part – it came detached in the bag I bought it in, and it took me a bit to work out where it went XD. The figure likely came in a gachapon, so it is supposed to disassemble, but likely originally had assembly instructions. Fortunately these things aren’t too hard to construct.


Whilst Lord Raptor is one colour, they’ve done a good job with the texturing, so he looks good. It’s so easy for translucent figure and figure parts to look bad and cheesy, but here I think it works well. The backs of her wings don’t have too much to them, but that’s more the design of Lilth than the figure itself. It has the one notable detail she has – the creases on her wings.


Here we see Lord Raptor’s impressive mane :). And Lilith’s back, which has some definition to it. The paint and sculpt is impressive on this tiny figure, especially so for a trading figure.

I’m glad I was able to pick this one up, and would recommend it to anyone who likes it.. if you can get hold of it.

Lilith – Darkstalkers – Capcom Girls Collection

This figure was also an instabuy for me – and even better, this one was on sale! After leaving the shop, at first I though there was damage to the wings, but it turns out I was mixing up the lugs with her claws. Was super-pleased to find out that there’s nothing wrong with her, and she was just reduced for quick sale. 

Here she is, blowing a kiss:


Pic towards her face:

I like the sassy pose she has – it suits her character. Her outfit isn’t overly detailed, but it does the job. The bats on her leggings are nicely done, but I would’ve liked to see a bit more contrast so they stand out more. They do blend too well into her leggings.

Close-up of her face:

A cute, if simple, face. Hair strand moulding is nice, and the creases on her sleeve. 

Opposite side:

Here we can see she is well-posed, with one leg bent in a suggesive pose. We can also see where i didn’t quite get the pegs all the way in. Didn’t want to end up breaking them, so ended up leaving them as-is for now. Back of her head is largely flat, which doesn’t make it very hairlike. Other part that doesn’t look so good imo is the white edging on her sleeves – the finish and colour leaves it looking plasticy, instead of more like fabric. 


One well-sculpted butt :). Her spine and back are detailed in the sculpt, which is nice. 

Close-up of the wing:

No shading, but I think they still look good and striking. Due to their shape, natural light adds some natural shading :). I like the way they’re posed so they frame her. The tops of her wings aren’t detailed, but I don’t see too much of them. 

Overall, I like this figure. It is a simpler figure aimed at a lower price point. If you can pick her up for a good price, I’d recommend her. 

Morrigan & Lilith – Summer Edition

These figures are part of a set of summer figures, however I was only interested in the Darkstalker figures of the set. They do come with a segmented beach base, but I didn’t take photos of this. Here is the pair posed together:

These are small, older trading figures, so they’re not super-detailed, but they are posted and painted well for the most part. 

Let’s have a closer look at Morrigan:

Hair is rough around the seam, but the face is painted nicely, along with her bracelets and wings. Yes, this is Morrigan, despite the palette swap ;). There is a bit of stray paint on the upper parts of her top, but it’s not much. 

Morrigan’s front:

Here you can see the stray paint, were they didn’t manage to get clean edges. Around her hips there’s a join, hence why those lines are clean. The bat has been done well, and the straps are OK. 

Her back:

Not much to see here, but some moulding has been done in her hair. Most things are pretty flat back here. 

Opposite side:

She looks good from this angle mostly, but she does have a seam running up her leg. I think the black and purple wings work well. Most Morrigan figures have a more pinkish colour for her wings, so not sure if this counts as palette swap or not :P.

Now for Lilith:

She’s stolen Morrigan’s hair dye for the day. Unlike Morrigan, her wings are definitely a palette swap, as she’s usually red “struts” with black wings. Bit of stray paint on her skirt, and an… interesting expression. 

Her front:

A simple outfit. The shorts are nice, but the top looks super-flat and a bit out-of-place because of that. Looks like I might have to attack her belly with an eraser and see if I can clean up some of those blobs… Hair is a bit flat. 


Hair is very flat here. Back of her top looks nice, and I like the way they’ve don her wings. If it weren’t fro the hair, I don’t think I would have any complaints about this angle. 

Opposite side:

Leg seam line is more noticeable on this side, but other than that, pretty much the same story as the rest of it. OK, with a couple of minor flaws. 

As two separate figures they’re OK prize figures, but together, they look like a very cute pair, which is how I intend to display them. So if you get one, for maximum enjoyment, I’d recommend buying the other, so you can pose them as designed :). 

Lilith – Christmas figure – Banpresto

I bought a bunch of Lilith and Morrigan figures from Mandarake recently. First up, we have Lilith, ready for Christmas:

This figure is made to fit with other figures, so there is a chance I’ll make a custom base for her. With this figure, I like the striking red and yellow colour scheme, which makes her a bit different. However, the mould line in her hair is not-so-good. She was a cheap prize figure though. 

Left side:

Some shininess, and that finish older prize figures tend to have. The cane is mostly painted well. I like the texture they managed to achieve on the white fluffy areas. Hair is simplistic, but that’s sorta to be expected with an old, small figure like this.

Right side:

I like her pose. Her pointing fingers are a bit drowned in paint though, I like the way her wing curls around her. 


No real detail on the back of the wings, but I like the finish. Is a seam running up her leg, but this angle isn’t really much of a viewing angle. The base looks nice, and would probably look really good… if I had the set. If I did a custom base/modified this base, I’d likely keep the cream splats, as they’re done well. These both peg into the base, and her scarf/stole is a separate piece. Rest of her is pre-assembled. 

I’d only recommend this figure to people who are interested in collecting older prize figures.