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Barnaby Brooks Jr – Chess Piece

Just a small loot item today, Barnaby as a chess piece:

I like the pose in this figure, and the backdrop. And the fact it doesn’t even look like a chess piece. The paint is pretty decent for a figure of this size, and he has the translucent pieces he should do. 


Here we see he’s very close up to the backdrop. His chest is done well, and nicely detailed. Here we can also see his eyes are painted, and he has paint details on his inner arm. And the “TV” part of the “Hero TV” logo.


Here we have a goodly amount of detail too – he has his thrusters, and all his back plates. 


Not much to see here, though apparently I have the base rotated, so the only clue that he’s a chess piece is back here. You’d need a pretty big board if this is the size of a chess piece… the base isn’t too big, but he’s the size of a trading figure, so you’d need a good-sized board if you had a set of pieces… However, researching it, it’s more of a ‘concept’ set, where you’d just collect one of each, rather than a chess set’s worth. 

Here’s an angled shot:

I really like this piece. I’d collect the others, if I came across them for a decent price. A good amount of detail has been put into the sculpting and the painting for this figure. I’d recommend these figures, but maybe not for actually playing chess. 

Melona – Queen’s Blade

This figure I purchased from Mandarake. Prior to purchasing, I was on and off considering buying her. I preferred the colour of the green one, so this was the one I chose to buy:

I like the shades in her hair and the green slime base. The clear disc is not attached to any part of the figure, so I don’t intend to use this to display her. It’s nice if you want a consistent round base to match with other figures, but personally I prefer her without.


This side isn’t much of a viewing angle, as if hasn’t been designed to be so. We can see her cute slime slippers here, which I think look good and do a decent job of holding her to the slime stand.

Now for the reason I didn’t lead with the front shot:

She does have a skirt part that covers her genitals, but it sort of pins in place so it was a bit awkward to reassemble, so I didn’t.

I think her face looks cute from this angle, and is one of the two main angles she looks good at.


Here we can see the lovely gradient in her hair – I love this effect. She doesn’t quite rest on the stand, but later we’ll see how I get her to rest on there properly.

Upwards angle showing the back of the skirt:

The skirt in of itself is quite pretty, but has design flaws. I like the way it looks from the back, with the hole.

The main skirt flaw:

The skirt doesn’t fasten up well at all. These pegs give the feel that the skirt isn’t really much of a display option unless you don’t cast off your cast-off figures. I gave it a good go to fasten it again, but no dice. It is very hard to get into the gap to apply pressure.

Skirt separated:

Here we can see where it attaches to the stand and gives her more support, which made it feel like a mandatory part. However, without it, she can place her hand in the dimple on the slime puddle, so this skirt can be an optional part. Am on the fence if it is supposed to be a mandatory part. 

Melona cast off:

She looks nice from this angle, showing some skin. There is some shading detail on her skin, but it doesn’t feel like much. Having the peg in the slime puddle is a bit of an eyesore though. Would’ve been nice to be given a plastic piece to fit in there, though if you are looking at her from above, it isn’t visible really.

Slime close-up:

I like all these tiny slimes dotted around her body as different things. And this guy is cute, even if he isn’t functional. The green plastic does give off a slime ‘feel’.


Not too much to see here still, though you now have the curve of her butt.


Yeah, barely me difference here, but now she rests her hand in the slime pool, which does look better.

Now the shot you may’ve been waiting for:

Melona without anythin’ on. Her genitals I find a bit on the strange side, but hey, she is a slime in humanoid form. Here is where most of the darker paint went on her body, though she does have some shading on her knees. And her cute smiling face shows above her legs.

You can reveal her breasts:

And to my surprise they were painted decently well, especially given they aren’t really designed to show. Her ‘hair’ isn’t removable, so the only way of seeing her chest is to bend her slime arms out of the way. They won’t stay there naturally, but I should imagine with heat you can get them to stay in a different position. 

Overall I do rather like this figure, and think it met my expectations. This is an older figure, like the Rin Tohsaka figure I recently blogged about, and does show its age. I’d recommend this figure, if you like the look of her, though she may be hard to obtain. 

Barnaby Brooks Jr – Tiger & Bunny

This figure is the G.E.M figure of Barnaby Brooks Jr, by Megahouse. Got this cheap from a retailer in the UK. One that garnered a poor reputation, but seems to be now just concentrating on liquidating their stock, so I grabbed a few good deals, including this one. 

So let’s have a look at him:

Certainly plenty of shading on him, and the sculpting is really nice on him imo. You can imagine him settling into this pose, and he has an appropriately serious expression, which fits Barnaby. Plenty of detail has been put into the clothing, which I like, as there was the large potential to leave it bland. 

Close-up of his face:

His eyes are painted nicely, and his lips have been well done, without too much colouring. 

You can also exchange the front of his hair:

And have him wearing his glasses. Both options are equally viable, and I think come down to personal preference. On initially purchasing the figure, I thought I’d only want to go for this look, but on experimenting, it left me indecisive. 

Both of the hairpieces have been shaded well, so no issues there. 


Tucked into his jacket, you will see his signature necklace. Was particularly pleased this was included. Here we can also see his jacket has a “lived in” feel, which is rare in a figure. 


This is what the hairline looks like with his glasses hairpiece. A bit more visible than other figures, but this is not surprising given you can exchange his hair. 

Boots & stand:

Love the red leather of his boots, and they’re painted neatly. The base has his logo and name. In isolation, the stand is nice, but I’m not entirely sure it fits the style of the figure. I don’t find it really detracts from it, though. 


Here we can see how much work they’ve put into the creases in his outfit. Gives all of his clothes a lifelike feel. Some of the trouser shading feels a bit randomly placed, but it doesn’t detract for me. Here we also see his hand with his ring on. 

If you prefer him ringless, he also comes with this hand:

Which is identical to the other hand, barring the ring. Switching the hand in and out is easy enough, but probably want to go careful, to avoid scratching the hand or his trousers. With the connection under his jacket cuff, it doesn’t look like a replaceable part when on display. 


He is thrusting forward, which feels more evident on this side, as his arm & hand doesn’t obscure it. He has a slender build, which feels true to the anime. Paint application looks good here too. 


His backside looks rather small from this angle! Ok, maybe they overdid the slenderness? Definitely doesn’t feel like there was any slacking off here when it came to the sculpting and the painting. All looks good, if you’re happy with his build. 

Close-up of his head & shoulders:

Join on the left doesn’t look quite aligned, but I think I can let it off for that. Hair is nicely shaded, and the off-white of the top of the jacket looks good. I think they nailed the colour for this. 

Overall, I’m really happy with this figure, and can recommend it, if you’re a Barnaby fan. Some day I might get the Kotetsu that goes with him, but I do have other Kotetsu figures, so not rushing out to buy it, unless I come across a good deal. 

Izuruha – Another Color ver

As promised by yesterday’s blog – more Izuruha! This one appears to be an older version of her, with longer hair:


Here she is, fully dressed. She has a more detailed costume than the other one. She also has more display options due to this – her outfit is two pieces.

From the left:


You get a good look at her leg from this side, and you can see her outstretched arm. 

Right side:


Here, her body is almost front-on, and it looks like I’ve nudged her cloak. Oops. Also her foot is floating – would be nice if they included another foot stand, like the other figure, to ensure she’s stable. With some fiddling, she may have her toes down on the stand though.



The light shines well off the back of her cloak/robe. She also has the nice detail on the back of it, flowing with her movement. Her hair also adds to her sense of movement. 

Now for her cast-off:

She has a noticeably larger chest than the other one, and her skin has a fair amount of detail on it. Her pose really works with her cast off. 

Left side:

A nice view of her backside :). There is a stray dot on there, which i did start off trying to remove, but it looks like a mole to me, so decided to leave it XD. Give her a little bit more detail! 

Right side:

This angle gives you the best view of her fromt. Her nipples have been painted well, and I love the way her muscles show. 


Her nice, flowing hair, and some more admiring of her backside.

Izuruha with her outer robe on:

I feel as if this frames her quite nicely. She will also work with just her tunic on, but didn’t take any photos with her tunic and no robe. 

Semi-cast-off, from the back:

You get a bit of side-boob when she doesn’t have her tunic on.

She’s  very nice figure, and you can pick her up quite cheaply, if you like her. I suspect if the franchise was more popular, these figures would be more popular. 

Izuruha – MegaHouse – Normal ver

The next two blogs will be two figures of Izuruha. I saw someone selling these figures on MFC, and wanted them… came back to seeing them again, and this time actually messaged the seller! After agreeing their price, they were soon on their way to me. These figures are cast-off, so there will be female nudity. 

As for Ru/Li/Lu/Ra, I can’t really find out much about it on the internet, so these figures are just because I like them :). 

Enough waffle, now for some figure:

The clothing is very nice in its own regard – I love the way you can see her body through the clothing, but only partially. Also it’s blue and purple… and that’s a winner for me :P. I’ll probably display her cast-off though. 

Left side:

Not too much to say about this angle. Hair looks OK, stand supports her well. 

Right side:

You get a good preview of her body from this side:P I like the way they have her holding her top upwards, and not just for the view :P. It can sit quite nicely on her hand, which makes it flow well. It’s a hard piece, but it can take a little bit to get it settled in the right place to display. 

Back view:

Her robe has a hood, which is a nice touch. The top also catches the light nicely. 

Now to remove the robe:

This version of her has small breasts, compared to the other one, to go with the short hair. Her nipples and skin are very nicely painted, though she’s not really sculpted down below. She has a very nice-looking skin texture.

From the sides:

Her body is very well shaped imo, and the dynamic pose shows it off well.

From the back:

And a very nice backside too. 

Overall, I’m pleased with this figure, but undecided if I’m going to display her cast off or not. I will probably display one clothed (or partially so) and the other cast off. Unless I get the blonde versions… then I’ll cast off one pair, and dress the other. 

Tomorrow, more Izuruha!